IFC / Shudder Influencer Campaigns Social Media / Publicity

• Submersive ran influencer campaigns for Late Night with the Devil (Spring 2024) and In a Violent Nature (Summer 2024), the #1 and #2 most successful opening weekends in the studio’s entire history.

In a Violent Nature had the highest organic pre-release awareness of any film in Shudder history.

• Submersive conceived and coordinated both campaigns, and managed the influencer budgets and relationships.

• For Late Night with the Devil, Submersive created “lost” clips from the in-movie late night show Night Owls, and had influencers post them asking if anyone remembered the show. The campaign was tongue-in-cheek, light- hearted and got fans excited about the universe of the film.

• For In a Violent Nature, Submersive screened a particularly shocking kill from the film for horror influencers, and filmed their reactions over the scene’s audio, allowing horror fans to be teased about the goriness of the scene without having it spoiled for them. The videos received hundreds of thousands of combined views, and were the talk of “HorrorTok.”