THE EXORCIST Experiential

Fox wanted to make a splash at San Diego Comic Con for their new series THE EXORCIST. Their goal was to create sharable social content and drive press coverage without doing anything in the convention center itself and with no access to talent.

Submersive scripted, produced, and executed over a dozen pop-up, flash exorcisms over the course of two days, in which actors playing priests rushed from the crowd to “cleanse” possessed con-goers played by circus contortionists, providing high drama in front of audiences of hundreds every hour. Viewers were offered bottles of “holy water” to help beat the heat (and the demons) by the priests after each performance.

• The videos produced for Fox received hundreds of thousands of views, and tens of thousands of likes and shares.

• The exorcisms were covered by The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Tonight, Dread Central, and many more.

•The exorcisms were tweeted about in real time by Buzzfeed and the AV Club.

Fox scored a buzzy, well-covered event without breaking the bank, and built word-of-mouth and excitement for the show.