RLJ ENTERTAINMENT Organic / Paid Social

RLJ Entertainment has been putting out critically acclaimed box office hits as well as distributing AMC and Shudder’s home entertainment and VOD offerings, but their social media and social advertising wasn’t showing the kind of engagement and results they were hoping for.

Submersive was brought on in the Summer of 2020 to take over all of RLJE’s organic social and social advertising to revamp the entering offering, and we’ve never looked back.


• Interactions on Facebook jumped a whopping 618% from the same period the previous year.

• Interactions on Instagram jumped 383%, from just 331 weekly interactions to 1,600.

• RLJ’s Facebook following increased by 5% entirely organically, and its Instagram following increased by more than 50%.

• Advertising KPIs - from Cost Per View to Cost Per Click - were down double digit percentages across the board due to improved targeting ad optimization.