BLAZE Design / Social Media

Submersive took a trip to the Lone Star State to manage the social media campaign for BLAZE, a film directed by Ethan Hawke. It's the true story of unsung country music icon Blaze Foley and his untimely demise. Led by an all-star cast and crew behind and in front of the camera, Submersive leaned into the gritty, emotional performances and music the film had to offer and translated it into gorgeous, sepia-toned creative which drew huge organic audiences on Instagram and Facebook.

• The campaign reached over 175K users organically on Facebook and over 100K users organically on Instagram.

• The full-length, lyric video for "Clay Pigeons" that Submersive created premiered on and was viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

• Blaze had a unique road show-style release in Texas before expanding. The film sold out theaters across the Lone Star state and was a success for distributor IFC